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Places where the ESC key does not work

Question asked by Jim Wilkinson on Jan 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2020 by Paul Salvador
Hi Everyone,

As you probably know, the ESC key is supposed to work like "cancel" or "close" when you are in a command, dialog, PropertyManager, etc.

I am working on a project to fix the consistency problems where the ESC key either does not function properly (puts up an error message, does not exit a command, etc.) or where it does not function as desired (like in the explode case sited in another thread where it does actually quit the command, but since it has workflow within the command, ESC works too strongly and drops you out to easily and loses your changes).

I am already reviewing the enhancement requests and SPRs related to ESC and we are also testing the software to try to find the cases. However, the cases are sometimes hard to find since they may not occur unless something else was done in a command, etc.

If in your use of the software, you find specific cases where the ESC key does not work as you expect, please post them in this thread. I will use this input as an additional data point in planning the project.