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BOM - Total quantity(qty) calculation?

Question asked by S. Vdkamp on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Aleksandr Hohlatsov

BOM - Total quantity(qty) calculation?

I have a question about Total QTY in a BOM. Please see attached screenshot, then position: B157 & B135

When creating a BOM and selecting "indented" I get the quantity as in the column left to the yellow column. the yellow one I have made up myself.

Hopefully you can see what I mean: I have got 3x SORT - BUNKER 8x (see B157). Then in this "SORT BUNKER 8x",  I have got 8x "BIN"(see B135). But that is not the total quantity of "BIN's" for the whole assembly.

I have made up a new column where I have to calculate them to get the right quantity.

But Sure SolidWorks can give me the total quantity in stead of me doing it every time.


Is there someone that can help me on this? I have searched the forum but can't find anything helpful, but sure more people would have the same question.


in advance