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screen jumps to black....

Question asked by Ethan Kerber on Jan 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2008 by Joe Rochinski
hello sw forum!! Im running sw student 06-07 on a dell precision 690 with quadro fx 4600 and that should be able to handle some serious solidworking. I have a Wacom Cintiq 21UX with a dell E207WFP as a dual display monitor. I consider it a pretty swank setup but SW is unhappy.
When Im using the Wacom draw on screen cintiq the sw will suddenly freeze and drop to black then go back to working after a few seconds. It doesnt seem to do this when I use the dell monitor only but what fun is that... I need the draw on screen to design. Its driving me craZy!
I have run a few fixes to no avail I made sure my drivers were up to date, checked to see my video card was compatible, made sure it was using hardware gl, set it to just one screen mode and optimized performance over appearance in the curve generation and resolutions. Ive also set my nvidia to solidworks settings... I think its something to do with the tablet screen. I used to run the wacom off my laptop with this sw 07 and never had this problem. Now that Im using the new tower I was hoping to configure it easily to run the dual screen with the one being a wacom. however instead I keep getting this jump top black.? any ideas would be helpful. Thanks -ethan