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Texture dissapears when printed or saved as a jpg,psd etc..

Question asked by Brad Crawford on Jan 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2008 by Rob Rodríguez
Hi I do architectural woodworking for a living.
I recently designed some cabinets with shelving and used a custom texture from a .jpg image I have of a woodgrain laminate and applied it to my solid parts. Looks good until I try to print it or save it out. When I go to print the cabinets, randomly various parts are coming out grey (the default part color) as if the woodgrain texture was never applied to the part. It's weird, sometimes it's just a top of a cabinet, other times it may be a complete cabinet?
Any ideas?

Other complaint when I go to save the cabinets out the image looks very poor quality? Do I have a setting wrong? It's very dissapointing I want to share these as a presentation to a customer but they look so bad when saved outside of solidworks I can't.
I've tried saving as a .jpg, .bmp , .psd, .pdf and nothing looks good at all? Any suggestions? What would you guys use to get it to look just as good as it does in Solidworks?

I'm currently running Solidworks 2008 1.0 SPO
Is this a bug?
Any help would really be appreciated.