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    Combine hole callouts?

    Joel Moore
      Is there a good (automated) technique for combining hole callouts for multiple groups of identical holes? For example, say I have 3 separate hole features (single or multiple holes each, whatever) in my part, all of which are #10 clearance holes with identical CB depths. To document those in a drawing I need to either place a callout for each feature or else manually override the count of one of the callouts. Obviously that can be a problem if the number of holes ever changes in the part and the hand-edited hole count is overlooked in the drawing.

      I suppose it might be a complicated task for SW to automatically determine that different groups of holes are identical and are capable of being combined but if there was a way to manually combine multiple notes I think that would work well enough.

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          Doug Heikamp
          Hi Joel

          If I understand you correctly, when using the hole wizard, try using a 3d sketch instead. This will give you the total # of instances.
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            Eddie Cyganik

            Can you use a Hole Table?

            Would it solve your problem?
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              Aaron Gradeen

              Hey Joel,

                I have this same issue. For me, it stems from having a part with a large number of holes that are dependent on various other parts. If all the holes were edited under one feature, I find it bogs down my computer if I ever need to go into the hole feature and edit it. It would be nice if SW had an option to combine hole features as one hole callout. I really don't like hard coding the number of holes. Has there been any solution to this?

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                  Scott McFadden


                  So you are looking for the hole callout to be parametric to the quantity of holes?  Like Eddie suggested, would a hole table work for you?

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                      Aaron Gradeen

                      Hey Scott,

                        Thanks for the reply. A hole table would be a good solution. That goes into a bit more detail on the drawings than we typically give though. The drawings I produce are one step away from being shop drawings. We refer to them as detailed design drawings. Below I have posted an example where all the holes around the perimeter of the plate are the same size but are defined in different levels of my assembly and are therefore separate features. The drawing seems cluttered and redundant if I add a hole callout for each hole feature. It's tough to argue adding "TYP" to the hole callout here since there are other threaded holes on the part.

                        Combining Hole Call Outs.PNG

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                    Denny Peter

                    Always use the same same wizard (for identical hole sizes) while designing. Instances will update automatically also reduced design tree size

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                        Bjorn Hulman

                        I agree. Even if the original feature may only use a single surface, use the 3D sketch, this will allow you to update the feature should it be required later. It may be possible to get a macro to tally all similar features, but it would be unnecessary with a slight alteration to methods at the modelling level.

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                        Robert Bartz

                        Great thread... thanks for starting.


                        Yes this would be wonderful. Typing 6X is just error waiting to happen. In our case we have multiple-configurations with hole features turned on and off. For example a table with a steel beam "stiffener" underneath if table length is longer than 60" inches.  The stiffener holes turn off on shorter lengths, but are the exact same pilot holes that hold on the table legs. We use sheet 2,3,4, for the different size configurations, using the hole wizard will only count the number of holes in THAT feature. For example 8 leg holes + 10 stiffener holes having 2 hole callouts is confusing, but you cant combine them into 1 because you cant suppress "sketch points" in the hole wizard sketch that I have been able to find.


                        If nobody knows a trick I will submit or vote for an enhancement request.