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Performance issue related to Refresh Rate

Discussion created by Sean Colledge on Jan 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by Pete Yodis
Hi there,

I have an engineer at my company that complains that whenever he is using one of his models and he uses his mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the model, that it takes about a second to zoom in on each wheel movement.

His pc specs are as follows:
Pentium 4 32-bit 3.0GHz (Hyperthreading)
2GB Virtual RAM
Plenty of HDD space free
Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB 128-bit

Now personally I do not like that graphics card, and I have gotten a quote for a new GeForce XFX 7800 GS 256MB 258-bit DDR3 AGP VGA.

My question is, will that do the trick, because I really don't want to go buy the new card and find that the problem is still there. At any point in time he has about 1GB of physical RAM free and there are no other programs running that would affect the system. Drivers for his current card are up to date as well.

If anybody can help possibly give me any tips on what I could try to do with settings to see if the problem can be resolved that way, it would be much appreciated.