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Trend analysis on cosmo 2007?

Question asked by Shachar li on Jan 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by Shachar li
Hi. This is from the what's new 2008 pdf file:

Trend Analysis: Trend Tracker provides data to intuitively evaluate the impact of successive design changes on a base design by allowing users to focus on relative results instead of absolute. The insight provided by this data will allow users to zero in on the best design alternatives in less iteration with more confidence in the value of each feature.

and here's a video that demonstrates it:

I am using sw 2007, and was wondering if there was anything like it or any tips I could use; I am running analysis on static studies and I need a convenient way to keep track of my changes. right now I have to track the important data manually by hand. Is that what everyone are doing?

Thanks, Shawn.