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deriving parts / values in an assembly by another part

Question asked by Shachar li on Dec 31, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2008 by Shachar li
I have a simple wheel part with a couple of configs that determine it's length and width. the part is used in many places.
I am using that part in an assembly to make a caster wheel. I would like the caster wheel housing to be built to the size of the wheel. - Or in another words, I would like one part of the assy to control other parts.
strangely, Those dimensions do not propagate after you change a config of the part to the assembly equations. the problem persist with or without a design table. I can get any other dimension just fine, but it looks to me like SW doesn't 'know' that the part file was rebuilt with a different configuration and that the equation should be updated.