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Formatting Toolbar

Question asked by Charles Culp on Dec 28, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by Anna Wood
In review of SW2008 drawing functionality, what's going on with the formatting tool bar?

I've been playing around with 2008 (and actually used to edit a real drawing), but upon changing the revision history, I found that my formatting toolbar wasn't staying put.

In 2007, I got so sick of the formatting bar showing up, and "getting up ins my grill" (that's us young'uns way of saying it gets in the way), I put it in the bar up top with the other toolbars. That way it would always stay in its place.

Now the 2008 formatting toolbar isn't a toolbar at all, it is a new bar, made to look differently, but... still acting like a toolbar. And now my formatting toolbar has dun popped out of its place, all on its own.

Anyone know how to put the formatting toolbar back in its place, and show it who's boss?