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Poor performance with ctrl-tab

Question asked by Joe Rochinski on Dec 28, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2008 by Jeff Cox
I'm wondering if this is a common issue or something particular to my system.

Using ctrl-tab to switch between documents in previous versions was comparatively much faster than it is in 2008. When I hit the keystroke, I have to wait several seconds for the window to appear. The lag gets worse as I open more documents. I am a big fan of top-down design, and I'm currently working on a drawing of a part derived from a split body of a weldment defined in the context of an assembly... In other words I have a lot of files open at any given time.

I understand that the program needs time to generate the thumbnails for the ctrl-tab menu, but it feels like ALL these thumbnails are regenerated every time i use the keystroke. It would make much more sense (and be much faster) if the program did the work once and then cached and reused these thumbnails until the file was changed.