Paul Murdock

OpenGL (2-3 seconds slow, screen flashes then quick)

Discussion created by Paul Murdock on Dec 27, 2007
I have SW 2008 SP1.1 on an Athlon X2 with a Quadro FX1700. Dual monitor setup.

Sometimes when I use solidworks and I switch to the window and start rotating the part it seems to be really laggy.. Then about 2-3 seconds into the dragging both my monitors flash (not to black, but I see all of Win XP flash in and out) and it is as if it took OpenGL a few seconds to engage before it would start accelerating my rotating.

Is this something that others have seen? Where it takes a few seconds for OpenGL to engage?

This seems to happen more often when I load up another program (ie go web surfing with IE, and then return to SolidWorks) when I return it takes a few seconds for OpenGL to engage.