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    Editing RealView Materials in 2008

    Charles Culp

      I finally get to play around with RealView in 2008, and I'm excited to be able to show different surface finishes for different parts (machined, cast, painted), however I have found that some of these don't match what we produce, at all.

      The "cast aluminum" is very reflective, whereas the investment castings and sand castings that we use are both much darker, and almost completely matte. The "matte aluminum" does not have the bump mapping of the casting...

      I'm guessing that there is some way to change these properties in PhotoWorks? I have looked at the .p2m files, and I guess I could change them by hand (editing the code), but is there an editor included with the software? I have not found any way in regular Solidworks, but how about in Office Premium with PhotoWorks?

      I'm almost itching to create a macro to churn out these things, either in SW or maybe MS Access. But, you know, if I can conceive how to make a macro, you'd think SW Corp. could code it in a snap...
        • Editing RealView Materials in 2008
          Joe Rochinski
          I'm using 2008 Office Premium, and by right clicking on the top-level part at the top of the FMT and selecting the "Appearance Callout" icon (gold sphere with a pointing hand) and selecting the part, you'll be presented with the appearance dialog in the Property Manager.

          If you have the Photoworks Add-in enabled, at the top you'll have 2 buttons for "Basic" and "Advanced". "Advanced" mode allows you to additionally edit Surface Finish, Illuminaton, and texture mapping, and also provides you with a "Save Appearance" button to save your new creation as a *.p2m file for reuse.

          These extras disappear when I disable Photoworks.

          Hope this helps.

          P.S. We've never mirror polished any of our "Plain Carbon Steel" parts either :-D