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Corner trim before flat pattern

Question asked by Wendell Hatton on Dec 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by Drew H
We have a lot of AutoCAD flat pattern files that we import into SolidWorks and add sheet metal, and then we add the flanges.

The problem is that when we add a flange on a part with a notch cut out for multiple bends the radius of the first flange extends past the corner of the notch which will not allow creating the second flange.
See attached examples "corner;

What we do is create a very large circle cut out in order to create all the bends; this then has to be welded up.
See attached example "cutout"

I have found that you can create corner trims only in the flat pattern of the part. What I would like is to create corner trims right after the base-flange and before the flat pattern to allow for multiple bends.
See attached example "bendwaist"

Does anyone have an idea how to do th