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    Processors to run Cosmos

    Derek Bishop
      I'm a mechanical engineer looking at using Cosmos for heavy industrial plant design. The models can get big so minimizing processing time is important. At the moment I'm thinking about computer hardware.

      I've looked at the following processors:

      Intel dual core xeon 5160 3 GHz.
      Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3 GHz.

      Options considered are single or dual processors.

      Questions are as follows:

      1. What are the pros and cons of the two processors? Is the 5160 model on the way out?

      2. I understand that there is no significant reduction in processing time using 'quad' processors when doing FEA with Cosmos. Why is that?

      3. For the above processors, is there an advantage in using a dual as opposed to a single processor? Why or why not?

      4. Are there problems getting acceptable cooling with these processors?

      5. Any suggestions on the best system to use.

      Sorry about all the questions. Your comments will be appreciated.


      Derek Bishop
        • Processors to run Cosmos
          Seth Langston
          I tried out a system with dual processors (each dual core xeon 5160's) and I was very dissappointed in the performance. I am now running a single core2Duo @ 2.93 GHz and it outperforms the dual processor dual core xeon machine. The rest of the components in the machine are the same. I'd say the E6850 would be better by price and performance.

          Quad processors don't seem to help much because of how COSMOS is programmed. I don't know all of the details but with the kind of analysis that I do I can get about 70-80% CPU usage with a dual core processor. Hopefully the software will be optimised in the future to take adavantage of hardware advances. This is still much better than a single core processor though.

          I have not had any cooling problems. I am running a Dell Precision 390.

          You will want to get 4 GB of Ram. The video card doesn't affect COSMOS but you will still want a decent video card (like an FX1700) for viewing a complicated mesh. A 10,000 rpm hard drive will help with loading times if you work locally.

          You say that you are wanting to use Cosmos for plant design. How much of the plant are you wanting to look at? Cosmos will not be able to analyze an entire plant assembly. You will have to break things up and look at individual components.

            • Processors to run Cosmos
              Derek Bishop
              When I say plant design I'm meaning components of process and materials handling plant such as vessels, tanks, steelwork, conveyor componenets etc.

              Any ideas on what went wrong with the 5160 Xeon processors?

              I'm looking at a Dell T3400 machine with the Intel E6850 processor and Quadro FX 1700 graphics card.

              Dell doesn't have an option for a 10 k rpm drive on this machine.

              Thanks for your comments.


              Derek Bishop