Ralph Burns

Solidworks & screen calibrator instability?

Discussion created by Ralph Burns on Dec 21, 2007
Hi -

In short, does anyone use a colorimeter to calibrate their screen for graphic work AND use Solidworks 2007? My Solidworks has gone completely unstable with some changes.

Longer story, changes include: adding a GretagMacBeth i1D2 color calibration and removing Adobe Gamma Loader that inserts itself when installing Photoshop CS3 has maybe caused my Solidworks to crash very frequently. It's a Dell M90 with FX2500M, XP32.

I've already unloaded the color match software, reloaded, unloaded Solidworks, reloaded, upgraded the color match software, ran Dell diagnostics. I actually ordered a new HDD to give the machine a fresh soul, but it won't arrive until later this week.