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Question asked by James Smith on Dec 21, 2007
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Ive read a post about realview colours and default plastic on models but im still having problems.

I have an assembly, and all the components have been assigned an apperance.

With realview on, some parts are default plastic, however if i render the model they appear with the colour on.

I have deleted all the defualt plastics in the main assembly photoworks appearance tabs with no effect. Even if i open up an individual model and remove the appearance and then re-apply, it quite often appears default plastic, yet renders in colour.

If i turn realview off, then the colours/appearances are fine.

Any ideas as to why this maybe happening ? Ive tried as much as i can even RMB on model and remove appearances from faces/models and then re-applying but to avail.

Thanks all, have a good xmas.