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    Imported an iges file

    brandon wells
      my machinist sent me a iges and a parasolid file, when i open it up it says it is (import) in the design tree and i can not make changes to the part, for instance i wnat to alter the bolt pattern. how do i fix this?
      i tried to attach the file but it tells me it is not permitted.... how do get my files as an attachment to show the problem??
        • Imported an iges file
          Gerald Davis
          Brandon -
          There is an add-in called FeatureWorks. If it is included with your license, then you at least have a shot at converting the file. FeatureWorks takes some practice to get it to produce anything useful.

          If the part is complex and you absolutely must convert it, then consider using a cad file conversion service - there are several that can be found with google.

          If you post the file, perhaps we can give you more specific advice.

          To attach the model on this forum it is a 5 step process
          1) zip the file using Windows Explorer (send to compressed file)
          2) start a message or reply and click on Attach File(s)
          3) Use the Browse... button to select the zip file (at the top of the Attach Files dialog)
          4) click on the Upload File button
          5) select the file that you just uploaded and click on the Attach File icon (bottom of the Attach Files dialog)