Chris Bonde

Changing Admin Image Options

Discussion created by Chris Bonde on Dec 20, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2007 by Mark Landin
Does anyone know of a way to edit the Installation Manager admin image options after an image is created? I suppose I could just edit the AdminDirector.XML file, but I'd rather go through the IM interface again if I could.

I am testing SW2008. The options I am concerned about is the toolbox location and whether the installation is new or an upgrade. When I am ready to release 2008 on everyone else here I want to just change the toolbox location from a temporary location to the final location. The new vs. upgrade option comes up because I want to figure out and test the new service pack upgrade process (as discussed here) using SP0 and SP1.1. The options I would choose now don't necessarily correspond to that of someone later on.