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Esc Key Behavior

Question asked by Rich Osterreicher on Dec 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2008 by 1-527E6D
Please for the love of god change the esc Key behavior while making an Exploded assembly....

I do this all the Time.. My fault, but it drives me absolutely INSANE!!

So, i'm well along creating my Exploded Aseembly... Whoops, i accidentally selected wrong part.. So, instintivley i hit Esc Key.. Poof.. Entire Exploded View dialog cancels out..AHHH!! So, back to ground zero.. Start all over..
I guess why i hit esc key is because that's how i usually Unselect a selection while doing most everything else..

It would be soo helpful if clicking the esc key while in process of making an exploded assembly just Unselected the selected part.. Instead of cancelling out the Entire Exploded View dialog...
Maybe make it behave like this..
If part(s) selected (as in your working on the exp), Hitting esc key Unselects the part(s) only...
If no part(s) are selected (as in your finished with the exp), hitting esc key closes the Explode dialog..

What do you think??