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Insert component wont move by dragging....

Question asked by James Smith on Dec 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by Dara Kong

Occaisonally when i insert a part into an assembly, the part wont let me drag it about and re-orientate it to position. The only way to do it is to mate it with what i want to join it too.

I have checked the moves parts by dragging box in the system options for assemblies but the problem still occurs.

Any ideas ?

Im running SW 2008 sp1.1 by the way...

actually, also with SW08 when working on an assembly when i go to the file, view, edit, insert menu bar at the top the computer seems to hang for a period time before the menus open..anyone else have this ? If i use the little menu bar with the shortcut icons its fine, only when i want to use the larger menu bar do i get the problem....actually, it also happens when i try and ctrl-tab to scroll through open models...the pc hangs for this someting to do with windows search magnifer thing that i read on another post ?

Its bit annoying to say the least !!