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    No S-N Curve

    Eddie Cyganik

      Does anyone know what this error is or how to satisfy.
        • No S-N Curve
          Pete Yodis
          An S-N curve is a plot of stress level to mean cycle failure and is useful for predicting fatigue life of material under given stress levels. The data is obtained from material testing. I am assuming you are getting this error because somewhere the data is being requested and there is no data for the material you selected. Have you queried for fatigue life somehow in Cosmos? Does the material assigned to your parts contain this data?

          • No S-N Curve
            Bill Reuss
            For fatigue studies, the S-N curve must be defined prior to running your static analysis. If unassigned, you'll get this error. You have to "Apply/Edit Material..." to incorporate the fatigue data regardless if the material properties are already assigned in SolidWorks.

              • No S-N Curve
                Eddie Cyganik
                Peter & Bill,

                Thank you. I asked the question for another user. He had defined the material but did not know about setting this up for his fatigue analysis.

                I found the answer in the Help files about 2 hours ago but didn't have a chance to check back here until now.

                Thank again.