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    Can Visualize render hair or fur?

    Chris B.

      Would like to create images similar to this

      Anyone know if it is possible or how to do it?


      Fur Rendering.png

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          Chris B.

          Searched the material library.  No fur. 

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            Paul Salvador

            ..sorry, don't know.. but, PV360 does! 


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              Brian Hillner

              Visualize doe not have a separate fur or hair material, but this can be accomplished by using the Displacement Map checkbox on the material setting. Add a normal map (the blue-purpley texture map) to the Bump map texture window and then make sure Displacement box is checked.


              We are currently re-working our displacement feature, since that is very tough to use correctly, but it can be done. You need to make sure the part you are applying this material has enough polygons, tight mesh, to actually displace the geometry...since that's what a displacement map does. Displacement maps physically changes the location of the polygons on your part, according to the texture used.


              Again, we are re-working this feature to work on a wider range of models and workflows, but it is currently possible...just make sure you have a ton of polygons (tight mesh) for that part.

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                  Rob Rodríguez

                  I don't think its fair to say a user can use displacement in place of a true fur material.  Displacement is a great and really a must have feature for a rendering package but its not fur.


                  I don't think you can duplicate Paul's image (Don Johnson Potato Head) using displacement.

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                    Chris B.

                    Hi Brian,


                    Thanks for your reply. 

                    I'm sorry I don't understand what you are describing.  I would like to learn all of this, but have not found the resources where to teach myself these things.


                    I read the Visualize help file, but is did not help.  For example, if you search for "Displacement Map" there is no information explaining what it is or how to use it.  Same for Normal Map.


                    Could you point me to any tutorials on how to use these things to create new, life-like materials?


                    For example, if I want a very specific texture, say a certain brushed aluminum or a special wood grain, which are not already in the library.  From start to finish how would I achieve that?




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                        Rob Rodríguez

                        Hi Chris,


                        This might help you?  SOLIDWORKS

                        This covers custom appearance creation in SW and PV360.  The UI and some terms may be different in Visualize but the process is really the same in almost all rendering applications.


                        "Bump" fakes the geometry having depth (super fast, not process intensive)

                        "Displacement" actually gives the geometry depth (slow and very process intensive, will bring your machine to a stand still if you have too much)

                        Both are based on an image (bump map, normal map, etc).  Meaning, the actual geometry is flat, a flat face for example in SW.  When the image is added to the material applied to the SW flat face and its set to bump or displacement the flat face takes on the characteristics of the image you applied to the face.

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                          Brian Hillner

                          Thanks for the link, Rob. That is a good explanation of texture mapping.


                          Hi Chris - without using Displacement mapping, you can achieve very realistic brushed aluminum and wood grain textures. For example, below is an image I created in Visualize that show the power of a matching Color map and Bump map, which generate very realistic results. Note the reflection on the wood grain floor, showing the dimples and grain. The same wood appearance, with all texture maps, is also attached


                          To get a better understanding of texture mapping inVisualize, please watch this new Visualize tutorial:

                          Texture Mapping | MySolidWorks Training


                          There are now 16 Visualize tutorials available!

                          SOLIDWORKS Visualize | MySolidWorks Training


                          Interior.jpgInterior 2.jpg

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                        Rob Edwards

                        This reminds me of the Graphics Stress Tester - FurMark, although I'm not quite sure what part of an animal this is ;p