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'08 Popup Box Thing

Question asked by Rich Osterreicher on Dec 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by Brent Armstrong
These little popup boxes in '08 are constantly getting in my way.
And they are getting very annoying..
Every time i go to do anything i get the stupid box(s)popping up.. And just my luck.. They ALWAYS pop up directly over and cover up what i need to select next..
Especially irritating when i'm having to work with multiple selections.. I get a whole bunch of Boxes filling up the screen.. Working with dumb bodies where i have to select 10 or so faces during an offset, delete face, etc.. Screen gets so cluttered with these that i can hardly see the model...
Sure, i can just drag them out of the way.. Or click to close them..
But that's a whole lot of extra clicks & drags..
Is there a way to turn them off?