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    '08 Popup Box Thing

    Rich Osterreicher
      These little popup boxes in '08 are constantly getting in my way.
      And they are getting very annoying..
      Every time i go to do anything i get the stupid box(s)popping up.. And just my luck.. They ALWAYS pop up directly over and cover up what i need to select next..
      Especially irritating when i'm having to work with multiple selections.. I get a whole bunch of Boxes filling up the screen.. Working with dumb bodies where i have to select 10 or so faces during an offset, delete face, etc.. Screen gets so cluttered with these that i can hardly see the model...
      Sure, i can just drag them out of the way.. Or click to close them..
      But that's a whole lot of extra clicks & drags..
      Is there a way to turn them off?
        • '08 Popup Box Thing
          Richard Doyle
          Hi Rich,
          It looks like you have appearance callouts turned on.

          View>Appearance Callouts
            • '08 Popup Box Thing
              Rich Osterreicher
              Hi Rich,

              Ok, Great..
              Now, When i Uncheck it.. Is the "Unchecked" state system wide or this document only?

              Also, Now i turned it off in this part...
              So that doesn't pop up now.. Good..
              But, now i get a shortcut type box popping up instead.. It's got things like Select other, sketch, appearance, etc in it.. Context menu or something?
              It does fade out after i move the mouse at least..
              But can I turn that off too? I don't want anything popping up unless i RMB on it..
              Or at least NOT popping up smak in the middle of my view..

                • '08 Popup Box Thing
                  Richard Doyle
                  It's a system-wide setting Rich, turn it off and it stays off until you turn it back on.

                  The Context menus can't be turned off, but they fade away quickly, and disappear immediately if you are ctrl-selecting several faces at once. I find them to be a huge time-saver.
                  • '08 Popup Box Thing
                    Dan Riffell
                    That's the new context-based pop-up that anticipates what your next likely command is going to be. It is supposed to reduce your mouse movement. It's one of the big enhancements with '08. I've become attached to it, actually. It's not always useful, but I find that it is helpful especially with sketch relations. I don't think you can turn it off.

                    Just keep repeating to yourself - I will conform to '08...I will conform to '08...I will conform to '08....
                      • '08 Popup Box Thing
                        Rich Osterreicher
                        Thanks Guys,

                        At least it goes away without having to click anything..
                        Wish there was a simple Setting to turn it off..

                        I'm just not seeing how it's anything new & revolutionary...
                        At least before, you had a CHOICE...
                        Before... You simply rmb on something and the list pops up..
                        Or you could Left click something and select it.. And NO popup..
                        I liked that.. If i wanted somethign to pop up for some things to do, I'd Right click it.. If i just wanted to Select something.. With NO annoying Popups.. I Left click..
                        Worked so perfectly..

                        Now.. We get a Popup either way...
                        I'm guessing it's probably just me.. When i'm demoing a model with customer..
                        I am often Selecting faces to clarify the feature i'm showing them..
                        Before.. I'd always Left click it to highlight.. No Prob.. No Popup..
                        Now.. The Popups appear whenever i select anything.. Context popup will be better that the appearance though...
                        But either way.. There's still going to be an annoying popup of some sort when i'm trying to show the model...
                        It would just be nice if there was a Choice for things..
                        There is a choice/setting for the Appearance Popup.. why not the Context Popup?

                        • '08 Popup Box Thing
                          Matt Lombard
                          Wow, two people missed that one. You actually CAN turn off those popup boxes. I'm about 50/50 with those. It seems I only use them for 2 things - hiding sketches or bodies and editing features.

                          They get in the way when you want to use the rollback bar, because you can't select the bar until the toolbar has completely faded. Also, you cant get the bar to show up if something is already selected, you have to unselect it first, and then reselect. Big time saver.

                          This thing needs a lot more attention before it is ready to save anyone time.

                          Meanwhile, you can turn it off by going to Tools, Customize, Context toolbar settings, Show on selection. You can also reassemble the RMB menus.