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Linked design tables are actually saving internally

Question asked by Filipe Finco on May 24, 2016

Hi, I have an issue related to design tables not updating after being edited because SolidWorks keeps saving the desing table intenally, even though I have the "Linked to file" option enabled.


Here is a step-by-step description of the issue:

1- I create a design table in excel, name it, save it and close it. (In example: "Part design - Design table")

2- I insert the design table to my part/assembly by selecting:

     a) From File

     b) //File path// "Part 1 - Desing table"

     c) Check mark on "Link to file"

3- The reaming options don't make a difference, but I select them all.

4- The model updates correctly from the design table.

5- I save the model, (In example: My Part)

6- If I go to the configuration menu and right click the design table I just inserted and select "edit in new window"

7- The table will open in excel, BUT WITH A DIFFERENT NAME!

     a) It will be named: "Design table in My Part"

     b) Not the correct name: "Part design - Design table" I have saved it as

8- Now when I make changes to the original table, "Part design - Design table" and reopen the model "My part" these changes do not appear in the model.


It looks like the option "Link to file" is not working, also if you check this guy's post it's about the same thing: Automating Assembly Creation using design tables

I have added images of my specific design table. The correct name is "Dutos Montagem - Tabela de Projeto" and the table SolidWorks saves internally is named "Planilha em Dutos Montagem"

Please note that my SW is in Portuguese.