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Looking for assistance on fill pattern and loft cut

Question asked by Phillip Mobley on May 24, 2016
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Hello everyone,


I have 2 questions. The first, regarding the fill pattern feature and the second performing the loft cut. Please, look at the model first as I will be referencing it throughout the post. Also, I am attaching a picture of a the model that I am attempting to create in solidworks. I think that I almost have it, just need to iron out the fine details. I am creating one of the shorter strips


For the fill pattern, is there any method where I can bring my pattern closer to the bolt holes? Basically, how can I fill up the whole surface with the pattern like in the picture. The pattern is overlapping the bolt holes and I am wondering if this is possible in the solidworks drawing.


Secondly, If you look at the dimples, they appear to be both a diamond shape and spherical. I think that I am close on getting my dimples to look the same; however, for the loft cut, it is creating a sphere. I think that if I were to get rid of the sphere, then the shape would closely match what is in the picute. Does anyone know of any methods to get rid of the sphere for the loft cut? Or, should I look into doing a different method for these dimples?