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Reusing AutoCAD Title Blocks

Question asked by Dustin Osburn on Dec 18, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by John Stoltzfus
I've gone over the Help a dozen times and it gives me the impression that I should be able to just copy/paste and call it a day. Unfortunately it isn't working out that easy. I'm trying to setup a drawing template and sheet formats using parts of our current AutoCAD title block.

I open a new drawing, Insert > DXF/DWG, choose the DWG with our title block in it, and it comes into the current sheet as 'Drawing View1'. Is there a way to save this as an actual sheet format? I can't seem to find it.

I'd like to have formats for A and B landscapes, and link the properties to the sheet format, but I can't seem to get past this point.

- Dustin