Eirik Sæther

The document doesn't meet the condition of any workflow

Discussion created by Eirik Sæther on Dec 18, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2007 by Joy Garon
I used quite a lot of time to figure out what caused this dialog, so i thought of sharing my findings.

In the PDMWE vault you have the default workflow as default for all documents. This workflow accepts any documents that doesn't fit into any other workflows. If you makes conditions in this workflow some documents may not be able to check in cause it doesn't fit in any workflow condition.

I usually make a %.txt filepath condition on my default workflow in order to get everything sorted out with the workflows i currently are building. I was therefor presented with the dialog box stating that my document did not meet the conditions. Even when i had a category sorting on a specific variable, and a workflow connected to this category, the message kept appearing. This is due to permissions withing the workflow. In order to check in a document belonging to a certain workflow, you need to make shure that the user has sufficient privileges in the initial state.

So the dialog appearing is somewhat misleading...