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More Video Card or More Ram

Question asked by Alik Fedorenko on Dec 17, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2007 by Kelvin Lamport
Need some help here. We are in a desperate need to import a substantially large model from ACAD 3D to Solidworks. After a couple of weeks of messing around with it I have finally given up and decided that I need to get a workstation to handle the model. Keep in mind that some of you may say to just model it again in solidworks but when this can take up to 3000 man hours I would rather spend the money on a super computer and import.

so... here is my question.... Keep in mind that when solidworks imports from ACAD 3D into a model it creates surfaces so... I am ending up with a gigantic model full of surfaces for parts and assemblies.

I am looking at the following two configurations:

Option 1
Dual Xeon processor X64 bit OS
Quadro FX 4600 with 16GB of ram or will 8GB make it?

Option 2
Dual Xeon Processor X64 bit OS
Quadro FX 5600 with 8Gb of ram

Ultimately the question is... when dealing with a lot and I mean a LOT!!! of surfaces... what's better... Video memory or Ram?