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    View area not updating, 2008 sp1.0

    Teresa Abbott
      On two seperate assembly drawings I am having an issue where after switchting to the drawing or switching drawing pages the view area no longer updates. I can see and use the menus without trouble and blindly select items. Task manager shows that Solidworks is sitting idle. I have to restart Solidworks to get it work again. I did not see this issue in sw2007, exept these used to get the 'failed to save error'.

      It does this after about 5 mins of work.
      Video drivers are up to date.

      The assemblies are approx 200 parts each with 20+ configurations. About 1/4 of the parts have configurations themselves. The drawings use all configurations and are 12 to 14 pages. All other smaller assemblies and drawings are working fine for us.

      Any suggestions on how to get around this issue would be appreciated.
        • View area not updating, 2008 sp1.0
          Matt Lombard
          Are you using Vista by any chance? I have the same problem in Vista with the recommended video drivers. For me, I know it is a video issue, and goes away after a while, usually after a CtrlB CtrlQ or CtrlR, or panning the view.
            • View area not updating, 2008 sp1.0
              Teresa Abbott
              I'm running XP.
              I have not been able to get the view 'unstuck' yet, perhaps I need to try a few things before giving my computer a glare and shutting it down! I'll try your suggestions and see what happens.


              Switching to the assembly: the view works fine.
              But switching back to the drawing: Still frozen. Panning, ctrl-B,Q,R has no effect.
                • View area not updating, 2008 sp1.0
                  Charles Culp
                  I have had the same problems recently. They cropped up at the same time my office switched virus protection, and when I installed SW2007 SP5.0.

                  I am pretty sure my problem is related to me maxing out my available RAM, although I have not yet pinned down what is actually happening at that point. I have found that a reboot is about all that fixes it for me. I can restart SW, but after a few minutes (without maxing out the RAM again), it will just come back.

                  That being said, it hasn't happened in the last week and a half, after I disabled the nView Desktop Manager from running. (that's the little green thing in your taskbar that deals with your nVidia video card) Because it's only been a week I can't verify that this was the problem, but if you are running it I suggest to stop.