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    FR-4 PCB material specs

    Alec Chalmers
      I am trying to perform a modal and dynamic analysis on a printed circuit board (PCB) and have found it difficult to obtain reliable material specifications. My initial Frequency analysis indicated displacements of several meters. Can anyone point me to reliable material specifications for the FR-4 (epoxy laminate) material and how to accurately model a 6 layer PCB with 2 1 oz. interior copper layers and .5 oz. outside copper layers?
        • FR-4 PCB material specs
          Larry Kutcher
          I design most of our "stuff"...Out of "woven glass fabric composite with epoxy resin"
          AKA: MIL-I-24768/27
          AKA: Type GEE-F.
          AKA: NP510A.
          AKA: FR-4
          AK Sometimes as Garolite grade G10.

          I can give you a run down of some of the critical stats (but), these vary greatly from company to company. And I mean they are all over. The above call outs leave layup of this material wide open for manufactures...

          Density: 0.067 lb/in^3

          (0 deg) 2.6E06
          (90 deg) 2.5E06
          (45 deg) 1.2E06

          (0 deg) 17.4E-06/C
          (90 deg) 13.4E-06/C
          (45 deg) 15.4E-06/C
          (Thru the layup Z) 50ppm

          (0) .126
          (90) .144
          (45) .512

          Ult Tensile:
          (0) 39 Ksi
          (90) 37 Ksi
          (45) 27Ksi

          As far as setting this up for analysis...I've looked at this stuff as an isotropic blob...Big solids.
          And I'm glad that this has sufficed so far.