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    Maximize a parameter

    tommy mello
      I need to know the maximum value a parameter (in this case a normal force) will be before one of the parts "fails".... in this case "fails" would be defined as the point where linear deformation stops occuring...

      Inefficient solution:
      Right now I set up a design scenario that varys a parameter in a systematic manner. After that I compare sensor data / results to find which design scenario set produced a "failing" result.

      I am hoping to define the "failling" point of a part and then vary a parameter (applied normal force) until the point of defined failure occurs....

      This seems like an optimiztion study but I can't figure out how to setup an optimation study maximizing a parameter value (the applied normal force) until a response of non linear defomation occurs..

      What are some ways to approach this problem?

      Thanks for your time!