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    "Local Revision" shown on versions tab changes to no revision when file is checked in

    Mike Boehm
      Moving files thru the workflow results in correct incrementing of revision variable as shown on data card, and as shown in "increment revision" dialog box. However, the versions tab in vault view shows the Local Revision being reset to No Revision. Why is this occuring, and how can I make the local revision match the Revision variable? Does this have something to do with version creation?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Mike Boehm
          Never mind, I found the issue. transition action set variable must be before inc revision in the list of actions. now it works!
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              Joy Garon
              Hi Mike -

              I'm glad you found the issue and corrected it :-)
              This is a common mistake. This is documented in the Administation guide.
              It is important that Inc Revision follow a Set Variable action. Set Variable creates a new version due to the fact that the dat card is being modified. By setting Inc Revision after you ensure that the revision is 'stamped' on the correct version.

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                  Mike Boehm
                  I spoke too soon, still not functioning correctly. Background:
                  Revision letter is automatically updated and displayed on slddrw titleblock using $prpsheet: company_revision. Company_revision is a variable created in administrator tool.

                  The scenario is as follows:
                  drawing is in released state at rev A.
                  Drafter transitions to "out for change" state. The transistion has 2 actions: sets company_revision, and inc. revision. This allows the drafter to verify correct drawing revision. At this point, local rev is B, and company_revision variable is at B.

                  After the drawing is revised, the drafter checks the file back in. Local revision changes to no revision. Variable company_revision stays at B. If one were to RMC>increment revsion, the only choice is rev C. Not good.

                  This same issue occurs if I move the transition actions that set company_revision, and inc. revision, to the transition from "out for change" to "check". The checker needs to check the file out, review, and add his/her initials to data card. When the checker checks the file back in, again, local rev goes to "no revision".

                  At some point in this revision process, the slddrw needs to be opened and plotted, after all titleblock info has been updated (checker initials, revision letter). touching the file in any way makes local revision go to no revision.
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                      I think you are confusing your revisions.

                      One must remember that there is no direct correlation between what PDMWE sees as far as revisions go and what you store in your custom properties of your parts and/or drawings. They are separate entities. If you're moving from PDMWorkgroup, this is difficult to grasp to begin with.

                      The 'Local Revision' being shown at 'No revision' is because well, the file is in a version state, and hasn't been set to a revision.

                      Keeping the revision that PDMWE tracks (the one you see when you right click and choose get version) in sync with your company revision (the one in your model) takes some diligence.

                      You're in all likelyhood going to want to have your transition action set the variable and inc. the rev. on your check in. What we do in the drawing is right click on the revision table and select 'Add revision' as opposed to add row. We manually up the rev in the part, because we keep our drawings and models at the same rev. Upon check in, the transition increases the rev (it doesn't touch the variable), and everything is kept in sync.

                      Part: Rev. A - Model: Rev. A
                      Change State: Under Change
                      Check out. (We don't allow check outs unless the file is in a certain state.)
                      Make change, manually update rev property in part to 'B'
                      Open drawing, RMC rev table, add rev, set note
                      Close both
                      Check in both
                      Change state to approved, it inc's rev and doesn't touch the variable.

                      Granted, there is room for improvement here, but PDMWE limits it.

                      As a side note, I wrote an application to handle all of this for us, but when things need to be done manually, that is how we do it.
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                          Joy Garon
                          Good points Lee -

                          You may want to review the Administration guide section on revisions.
                          There are also specific intructions of mapping to SolidWorks starting of page 140 (page number for the 2008 SP1 version - the adminsitration guide can be found in the Support\Guides directory)

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                            Mike Boehm
                            Lee, and Joy
                            Thanks for your input. I did discover the method of incrementing the pdm revision during the last transition to Released (or Approved). This will work as long as users remember to be sure the pdm rev is one letter behind the desired rev (set by variable and shown in card and on drawing) prior to transitioning to Released state.

                            Regarding the SW rev tables, when RMC>add rev, what variable does this action update? I believe this updates the SW_Revision custom file property, but does not update any pdm variable that I can see. I'm surely missing something.

                            Thanks again for your help!