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    Change in UI?

    John Nemeth
      Using nearly exclusively the top-down method we have lots of sketches and we make lots of changes in them. So every measure which makes edition easier is highly welcome.
      Until SW 2008 SP 1.0 there was a nice feature: as I double-clicked on any entity of a sketch in the graphics area the relevant sketch had been opened for edition. After finishing edition double-clicking into an empty area of the graphics screen closed the part.
      Now I can't open a sketch by double-clicking on any entity of it (the closing function still works, although this is problematic because of other reasons). Has this feature been eliminated or am I missing something here?
        • Change in UI?
          Matt Lombard
          That's probably the Instant 3D function that you're talking about. It's a ruler with an arrow on the Features toolbar. The functionality was also available in previous versions, but was called something else.

            • Change in UI?
              Joe Rochinski
              Confirmed that double clicking on visible sketches in graphics window does nothing.

              What you could do (and I do routinely) is double-click a face of the feature itself. All of the dimensions defining that feature should appear, which can then be double-clicked and edited. This is regardless of Instant3D on/off. Remember to rebuild after you make changes because (at least with the default settings) the part will not do so automatically.

              Additionally, left-clicking once on a face of a feature will bring up the context menu by your mouse pointer with an icon for "edit sketch". I've found this context menu extremely useful.