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    Cosmosmotion planar constraint

      In solidworks online help it says that solidworks mates "coincident of plane to plane" wil create a planar constraint, but actually it doesn't work. Can anybody help
        • Cosmosmotion planar constraint
          Ian Hogg
          Hi Rajan,

          Which version are you currently using?
          In 2007 and earlier, it will typically convert a coincident planar mate to a planar joint. However, in some instances, to remove redundancies, it will consolidate mates such as a concentric and an orthogonal coincident mate to become a revolute joint. I would check to see if any of the revolute joints in your mechanism lists the coincident mate under them. You can explode revolute joints back into their individual mates by right clicking on the joint in the motion browser.

          Hope this addresses your question.