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2008 Realview/Photoworks tutorials?

Question asked by Rich Osterreicher on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2007 by Rich Osterreicher
Where might i be able to find some help for 2008 Realview/Photoworks?
I have no troubles at all with '07 RV & PW... Lookes and works perfectly..
But for the life of me i cannot get '08 RV or PW to look the way i need.

I'm probably doing something wrong.. or maybe something wrong with my install.. I dunno..
But i do notice this: When i try to adjust the appearance (illumination) for ANY material..(Included '08 materials, or Old ones) The slider have absolutely NO effect on the part.. ( Yes the entire part is the selected geometry)
Ex.. Chrome Stainless.. Looks Super Shiny & bright.. Too shiny for what i need..
I can turn the reflectivity to 0 or 100 and it has no effect whatsoever..
Same for all of the illumination settings.. The ONLY one that has any effect is the transparency setting.. It does work..
Now, in the color prop's.. I can change that and it works (Color Changes).. Just the illumination settings don't seem to work..
Went thru the included SW tutorial.. But didn't think they were very helpful to be honest.
Anyhow, Just having a really hard time with this.
Thanks for any help..