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Bending Round Bar

Question asked by Justin Frick on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2007 by Justin Frick
I am trying to calculate flat layouts for bending 1" Round Bars. There are two simple 90 degreee bends (1/4" inside radius) on the bar. With a few simple calculations, I can locate the bend lines by hand. However, I want to expand the use of my sheetmetal knowledge to bending round bars using Solidworks. I have tried to extrude a part, then convert it to sheetmetal, failure. Also, create lofted sheetmetal part between two circles with the contour line being the centerline of the bar, failure.

Is there anyway to create a "Sheetmetal Bar"? The theories should be the same, however, the two approaches have yeilded no results.