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SW2007 x64 crash - same on 2008 x64

Discussion created by jeroen Dhondt on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2007 by Casey Gorman

we are using SW 2007, with PDMWorks Server, and both SW 2007 x32 and SW 2007 x64 clients.
On the 32bit clients all seems to be okay, but on the x64 some features don't seem to work.
If we open SW 2007, and select a drawing,n part or assembly in MyVault, then select Document Information, and next tab View, then the first time the view is okay, next time the tab stays gray/empty, and the third time SW crashes.

On that same view tab, when the assembly is shown, some toolbars are missing, like the 'measure' toolbar, even though 'measure' is put as allowed in the Vault Admin program.

Those things work like they should in the 32bit version.
(We have tried reinstalling the 64bit machine, tried without loading our own settings, tried the 64bit SP0.0, SP3.0, SP3.1, SP4.0, SP5.0 - all the same, it doesn't work)

This week, I have made a copy of our vault, installed PDMWorks Server 2008 on a test machine, and installed SW2008 x64 on the same machine, pointing to the copied vault.We had hoped these things would work in 2008, but unfortunatly we still have the same issues.
I was pretty sure it had nothing to do with our vault, since it is working on x32, but since the 2008x64 machine has been installed from scratch, has new software, the vault seems to be the only common component.
So I'm not so sure now...

Now does anyone else have those problems as well?
Or is there someone with x64 clients connected to PDMWorks Server who does *not* have this problem?
(or even better, a solution? )

I would really like to find out if it is a bug, or something in our setup.

Kind regards,Jeroen