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Woodworking Cutlist Needed?

Question asked by Brad Crawford on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Bjorn Sorenson
Hi, I do architectural woodworking for a living. The big problem I'm running into is I need the ability to generate an automatic cutlist from as an example a Cabinet, or reception desk. Does any such plug in exist? Woodworking guys would love it, that seems like the big missing link for us.
If not, how would you guys do something like what I'm after. I'm just looking for the basic part sizes of each part. Doesn't have to get into graining etc. Basic Thickness, Width, and length of each part. I've done this by creating a weldment cutlist. Then going to properties, pickng my dimensions individually for each cutlist item, but this takes forever. Just not practical. Any suggestions? Do you guys know of anyone who would create on for me? I'm by no means wealthy so let me emphasize, reasonable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,