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    2008 SolidWorks Search question

      I skipped SW2007 so SolidWorks Search is new to me.

      Can SW2008 SP1.0 search Custom Properties? It looks like it should but when I try to search CP I just get "No results found". I have Windows Indexing installed and setup. Searching for file names works correctly.
        • 2008 SolidWorks Search question
          Charles Culp
          Yes, my custom properties are indexed with Windows Desktop Search. As for troubleshooting why yours don't work, I don't know.
          • 2008 SolidWorks Search question
            John Burrill
            Check your indexing options and verify that Solidworks file types are using the Solidworks iFilter. You do this by right-clicking the magnifying glass in the tray and selecting 'Windows desktop search options...', going into 'Advanced', activating the 'File Types' tab and scrolling through that big-ole list.
            In order for the changes to take effect, you'll have to rebuild your index.
            However, before you do this, check to see how many items you have indexed.
              • 2008 SolidWorks Search question
                John, thanks for pointing me to the indexing options. I don't see an SolidWorks iFilter option there but I checked the Index Properties and File Contents option and later when I tried SolidWorks Explorer search it worked, I'm still expermenting to see if that was the issue or if it was something else.