Rich Osterreicher

Command Manager Suggestion

Discussion created by Rich Osterreicher on Dec 12, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2008 by Brian Cayer
Just a thought here.
I think it would Please a lot of users upset with new CM..
It'd be really neat if the Command manager interface could be similar to the Task Pane. If you don't like it at top.. and want it on side. (if it were movable)
Lil tabs poking out of the side of graphic area.. just like task pane..
The tabs would work and be much like the tabs now stuck at the top..
Maybe even have them semi-transparent?
Maybe a choice for display.. Such as "Text" and it'd display the name of the tab..
or an "Icon" setting.. Which you can pick an Icon for each tab that will be displayed. Like have the Feature button's icon for the feature tab..
The sketch Button's icon for the sketch tab..

So.. You click on a tab.. and the toolbar slides out.. Just like as if you click on a task pane button..

If you like the CM at top.. great.. leave it at top.. If you don't liek it at top, then you can move it to side and it'll behave like this...
Anyhow. I just think this would really make a lot of users happy..

What do you think, anybody?