Jack Finnerty

Problem setting up Standard Libraries

Discussion created by Jack Finnerty on Dec 12, 2007
Hi, please could someone help with the following problem?

I am in the process of setting up PDMW Workgroup and having trouble getting our standard parts set up properly. The standard parts folders are on a network drive and I am trying to set it up so they are not checked into the vault and are listed in the blue highlighted Library Components folder in the Vault view.

There seem to be 4 aspects to the problem as far as I can see, and are as follows:


When I add folders the Standard Libraries list in VaultAdmin I get the following error:

"The vault computer is unable to see this folder. Share this folder with the vault computer to enable the eDrawings preview and open document commands for references that are not checked into the vault."


Despite the above error message, the folders still appear in the Standard Libraries list and appear in the vault view under Library Components, but are displayed as "Standard Library References-1", "Standard Library References-2" etc.


Parts that are in the standard parts folders do not appear under the Library Components and can still be checked into vault projects.


Standard parts that have been created from Solidworks toolbox parts and are stored in the networked standard parts folders cannot be checked into the vault and appear in the Toolbox References section of Library Components.

If anyone has had similar problems of knows how to get around mine I would appreciate the help. Also, if anyone is willing to post a screenshot of a correctly set up Vault showing how the standard parts are listed that would at least show me what I am aiming for.

Many thanks for your help,