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Fillet on impeller vanes

Question asked by Mannes Karsten on May 24, 2016



I'm trying to model an impeller, in particular its vanes. I can't upload the part due to not being able to give away the information.


I've set up the impeller hub and cover plate by a revolved boss/base. The hub is a flat surfaced plate on which I've drawn the outline of one vane. I've extruded the outlines of the vane up to the surface of the impeller cover plate. Everything works fine up till now.


The inlets of the vanes are angled outwards. I've created a revolved cut to realise this angle. This creates a problem however.. see:



The inlets should be round/filleted, as seen by the sketch.


My question is, what would be the correct way to realise this? I'm guessing the revolved cut to create the angle isn't the correct way.


To clarify what I've done with the revolved cut, see:



Any help is appreciated!