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Correct Nvidia Driver?

Question asked by Ralph Burns on Dec 8, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2008 by Wim Van Der Velden
I had been long trouble-free using my current setup, but now have constant Solidworks hangs and also residual graphics (an old graphic that won't go away).

Dell M90 3GB ram, XP SP2
Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M
Driver Version
Solidworks 2007 SP3.?

What is the correct driver? I don't even find it listed on the Nvidia page:
or Solidworks page:

I did previously download two different driver programs;
for Solidworks:
for Abaqus:
I cannot remember if I ever used the Abaqus one. Abaqus is running fine.

Last tidbit, the most important one. I had used a GretagMacbeth i1 screen calibrator for Photoshop work, and recently noticed in Task Manager that (conflicting calibration) Abode Gamma Loader was still functioning even tho it was removed from the startup folder. I disabled it from startup in msconfig, and doubly renamed the Adobe Gamma Loader.exe file to .exeOLD to neuter it.

I'm reinstalling the i1 and Soliworks now, but will want to repair the video driver if there is no chance. Can anyone confirm the correct driver, thanks.