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    Voice recognition doesn't work in 2008

    Max Crittenden

      I've been using voice recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) for several months because of tendinitis in my wrists andforearms.  It works pretty well with SolidWorks 2006.  Ican say "File, new" or "Tools, dimensions, smart" or "Insert, cut,extrude" and the menus work just the same as if I were clicking onthem.


      But I just installed 2008 (never used 2007), and nothingworks.  Most verbal commands just turn on a selectionfilter.  I have made the menu titles (File, Edit, Insert etc.)permanently visible, and that should make them respond when I saythe name.  But they don't.  This sucks.


      Is anybody else using voice recognition software?  Have youfound a way to make it work with 2008?  Unless there's asolution, I guess I'll stick with 2006 until the rest of my lab ison 2008, and then I'll have to quit because we won't be able toshare files.  I'm sure as hell not going to let SolidWorkscripple me any worse than it has done already.

        • Voice recognition doesn't work in 2008
          Cynthia Berend
          I had carpal tunnel problems too from all that CAD clicking! It got so bad I thought I would have to stop working so I searched the web for alternatives to using a mouse.
          I have been using Speak4CAD for about 4 years. I have used it with Solidworks 2008 for a few weeks without problems. The developers have linked hundreds of commands to keyboard shortcuts so if the shortcuts work the spoken commands work. You can also customize new commands/keyboard shortcuts or add new spoken commands for existing shortcuts. It is also great for entering numbers and mathematical formulas in your dimensions.
          The program is $150 at www.speak4cad.com
          Good luck!