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Extended "Hole Wizard" Functionality

Question asked by Eddie Cyganik on Dec 7, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by robert baker
To All,

Based on a topic posted by Rich Osterreicher titled; "Threading Command". I got to thinking about improvements. Rich's request is to provide a threading command with functionality like the Hole Wizard. In one of my replies, I suggested that the thread functionality be added directly to the Hole Wizard. Rich replied that external threads have nothing to do with holes and of course, he's right. So I said; "What about a Shaft Wizard?"

So here is the question: What other types of features could benefit from the Hole Wizard interface? Or what features could be added directly to this interface?

It doesn't matter to me if there is a "Hole Wizard" and a "Shaft Wizard" or if everything were to be combined into a new "Hole/Shaft Wizard", the point is, there are many things that could be added.

Rich is requesting
-> Internal Threads (Hole)
-> External Threads (Shaft)

Currently, I have the following Palette Features:
-> Internal O-Ring Groove (Hole)
-> Internal Thread Undercut (Hole)
-> Internal Retaining Ring Groove (Hole)
-> External O-Ring Groove (Shaft)
-> External Thread Undercut (Shaft)
-> External Retaining Ring Groove (Shaft)

I also have the following Library Features:
-> Center Drill (Hole)
-> SAE J1926 Ports (Hole)
-> MS33649 Ports (Hole)
-> Face Seals (Hole)
-> Plus I have additional company/product specific hole & shaft type features.

What do you have? ...or ...What would you like to see added and how?