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    Design Scenario gives incorrect values

    John Orcutt
      I am running design scenarios and the plotted values do not agreewith the values obtained when the values are run individually andplotted manually . 
        • Design Scenario gives incorrect values
          Designer Designer
          with the same setting ( mesh, contact, etc ) ?

            • Design Scenario gives incorrect values
              I've used Design Scenario a fair amount, and I think what happens is the mesher reverts to the default mesh settings for all of the subsequent iterations after the first mesh.

              The help file seems to suggest that it is necessary to mesh the model before running the design scenario, but I don't think Cosmos cares what you did with the mesh at all.

              So if you ran a manual analysis with mesh controls or even with the global size set smaller than the default, the design scenario mesh and consequently the results, will be different.

              This is just another example of why Design Scenarios are of very limited use.