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    How to view configurations in preview window.

    Tim Turpin
      Is it possible to view different configurations of part or assy in the preview window?

      (Preferably without having to save or publish file as an edrawing)

      If so, how?

      Thanks, Tim...
        • How to view configurations in preview window.
          Amit Chen

          I didn't find any way to view the part\assy configurations using PDME2008 sp0.
          It would be nice that when selecting the configuration tabs in the lower\right side of the screen that the related configuration will be shown.
          I think we need to ask for enhancement request.

            • How to view configurations in preview window.
              Jeff Sweeney
              I think Achen is correct, I cannot figure out how to do it either. Good idea about the enhancement request!

              I would love to be able to see the parts list tree for assembly files too! Heck why can't we get all of the eDrawing Pro functionallity in that preview window?!? Wouldn't it be great to red line there too?!?
                • How to view configurations in preview window.
                  Joy Garon
                  Hi Folks -

                  Yes, it would be good for all of you to submit this as an enhancement request. I would suggest submitting it twice - one for PDME and once for eDrawings which is the viewer being used and is where the work would need to be done.

                  Also, just a tip - you can do this with bitmap previews that are stored in the SW file on save. To use: right click in the vault file view and select 'View > Show bitmap for SolidWorks files'
                  When you click on a file the preview window will display the bitmap preview. If you ten position the cursor in the preview window and right-click, you will be presented with a list of configs. Select the config and the bitmap preview for that config wil be displayed.
                  Make sure that you right-click and not left-click (select). If you select in the preview window it will automatically switch to the eDrawings preview which can only display the active config preview. (see attached images)