Ian Johnston

Loading DWG can't see it all?

Discussion created by Ian Johnston on Dec 7, 2007
Hi all,

I'm a newbie to eDrawings (free).......have tried loading a 3Dmodel off a vessel with lots of pipework and valves etc (fromAutoCad) into eDrawings and it renders, but it's missing a lot ofthe pipework......?
I notice that when I first load the DWG into eDrawings that I cansee all the pipework, it's just that as soon as I try to shade themodel half the pipework just dissappears. If I then un-shade themodel then the pipework stays dissappeared.
The only way I can get the missing pipework back is to hit the HOMEbutton.

When I load into AutoCad or DWG Trueview I can see everything.

I'm using the latest eDrawings (Windows XP) just downloadedyesterday.

Any ideas?