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44,500 files in one directory

Question asked by Jeff Sweeney on Dec 6, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by Jeff Sweeney

I have always heard as a rule of thumb when working withPDMWorks Workgroup - for performance reasons try to keep the numberof files in a directory to less than 1000. Figured that sincePDMWorks Enterprise uses SQL there would be no limit to the numberof files I put into a directory. So for fun I took 44,500 files andcopied them into one directory in the vault. As expected, PDMWorksEnterprise can handle that many files and searching on them isstill crazy fast (still less than a second for a typical search.)The downside is browsing into the directory with Explorer.

3 minutes 42 seconds to open the directory when the files were inthe cache, 2 minutes 15 seconds when the cache was empty. Comparethis to 8 seconds to open a copy of the directory that was outsidethe vault.

It took about 90 seconds when browsing through the directory withthe "Open" dialog box in SolidWorks -even with the "SolidWorksFiles" type filter turned on.

Drat. Looks like Enterprise cannot take the place of common sense.Smaller directories are better.

PDMWorks Enterprise 2008, Windows XP