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Threading Command

Question asked by Rich Osterreicher on Dec 6, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2007 by Rich Osterreicher
For me, I need to Model all my threaded features..
and lot of them are Non-Standard sizes.. (Very small, m2-.4 and smaller.. or very fine p.. like m10-.6.)
It'd be soo nice if there was a Threading command.
Like the Hole wizrad in funtionality..

Select a thread size from a pre-defined list of types and sizes.... or Enter in the Major, Minor and pitch manually.. And maybe an advanced settings tab for additional angles, etc... And of course set the depth/length..
Maybe a setting for Internal/external..

For an Internal, you select the start face, and position just like the H'wiz..
For External, you select the start face and a Cylindrical face..

Now, poof..the thing models the threads for you..

Currently, I have parasolid models of the threads.. Models like a tap for internal, model like a die for external.. then i use the Imort geometry command to insert.. Then do a subtract to cut the thread.. it's tedious.
And Modeling each Hole, Thread manually for every part would take way too long.

It'd be awsome if there was a command or something to automate this.

Just a thought.