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    Threading Command

    Rich Osterreicher
      For me, I need to Model all my threaded features..
      and lot of them are Non-Standard sizes.. (Very small, m2-.4 and smaller.. or very fine p.. like m10-.6.)
      It'd be soo nice if there was a Threading command.
      Like the Hole wizrad in funtionality..

      Select a thread size from a pre-defined list of types and sizes.... or Enter in the Major, Minor and pitch manually.. And maybe an advanced settings tab for additional angles, etc... And of course set the depth/length..
      Maybe a setting for Internal/external..

      For an Internal, you select the start face, and position just like the H'wiz..
      For External, you select the start face and a Cylindrical face..

      Now, poof..the thing models the threads for you..

      Currently, I have parasolid models of the threads.. Models like a tap for internal, model like a die for external.. then i use the Imort geometry command to insert.. Then do a subtract to cut the thread.. it's tedious.
      And Modeling each Hole, Thread manually for every part would take way too long.

      It'd be awsome if there was a command or something to automate this.

      Just a thought.
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          Eddie Cyganik

          For those who need this, it sounds like a great idea. I also agree that the Hole Wizard cantains most of the information. Therefore, I say it would make sense to add the thread capability to the Hole Wizard.
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              Dan Riffell
              Rich, I believe with '08 you can copy features from part to part. It would be nice if SW had a functionality to do what you'reasking, though.  And I know how much you love '08.
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                  Rich Osterreicher
                  yeah, it'd be great if it were intergrated into the Hole Wiz.. Although Ext. threads are not really a "hole"...

                  Whatever the case... It'd be so nice if there were at least some sort of rudimentary funtion for this .. It'd be a HUGE time saver for those who need it..

                  Come on.. there is all sorts of Routing & Electrical funtions already for those that need those.. And Those can be created with Sweeps, etc... Tedious, but it's possible to manually create.. Just as Threads are tedious to do manually..
                  Point there is that Routing is a Great tool & time saver.. for those that need it..

                  What about us that need Modeled threads... We got Squat...

                  Don't get me started...lol I'm running low on Tums... And Smokes..

                  But seriously.. I think a Threading function would really benefit a lot of people..

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                      Kevin Quigley
                      This is a long time enhancement request of mine. I also use VXas well as SW and VX has a great thread feature command.
                      Draw the thread profile in a sketch (orientation is notimportant).
                      Select the thread command.
                      Select a cylindrical face to apply it to.
                      Enter pitch
                      Enter number of turns
                      Select sketch as the profile
                      Optionally select lead in and lead out parameters (a huge timesaver).

                      I can create a thread - start to finish - including the profilesketch - including lead in and out in about 1 minute.
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                        Eddie Cyganik

                        I know you're looking for a solution from solidWorks but couldn't you create some library (most common) and palette features for your threads?

                        Besides, like you mentioned, an external thread has nothing to do with a hole and we sure as hell don't need no stinkin Shaft Wizard !
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                            Rich Osterreicher
                            Never had any luck using pallette features.. At least not when dealing with Pre-modeled threads.. The helix portion would usually always get goofed up for some reason.. Then that would in turn mess up the threads profile.. and cause some errors.. Now, those troubles could have been my doing.. I dunno, i couldn't get it to work right though..

                            And i first tried using Library parts.. I had my Tap & Die Models as library larts.. It worked ok.. Actually, it's exactly the same as just clicking insert part..
                            But then i had major problems with the link to the tap or die not being "broken"
                            I posted about that a long time ago..
                            I'd click Break link.. But the Link's can't be broken.. after the break.. It still list's the Tap model as broken.. Which was not a big prob for me.. But when i'd send model to customer.. They'd get errors saying it couldn't find the tap model.. even though th elink was broke, it still looks for it..
                            So then, i went to saving my taps as parasolids, and using import geo.. So there was NO link...

                            Aww Come on...What's another Wizard???
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                      Kelvin Lamport
                      Rich (and others) ... while you still have SW07, search the web for a download of SolidMech (apparently it doesn't work with SW08). It has thread options (none, simple and helical) on screws along with a multitude of other stuff similar to Toolbox. Non-standard screws sizes can be added into the library. Once the screw is created, a scaled version can be created and used in a Combine operation to create a threaded hole.

                      SolidMech was developed by www.emtsoft.com/, but was taken over by www.ohyeahcad.com. Unfortunately it no longer appears to be available. I was lucky enough to download my copy when it was being offered for free as a Beta version from ohyeahcad
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                          Rich Osterreicher
                          Thanks for the info Kevin,
                          Can't seem to find much on it though.
                          Found a lot of links... But they all seem to be dead ends??
                          I'll hafta keep looking.. Still early morning.. Maybe have better luck after another cup of coffee or so...
                          Thanks Again
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                              Jeff Anderson
                              Rich ( and others)
                              I was reading your thread and wondering about the same feature - adding an external thread feature. I discovered something in Solidworks 2008 that might be helpful. I don't know if it is in Solidworks 2007 or not. I wanted to be able to add an external threaded feature to a part. We often make parts that contain external threads. We wanted to be able to model the actual threads and add them to a part. So i discovered that you can save a part as template. We have this odd thread size that we use that is a M16-1 which is not in the database for threaded parts. So I made a part revolving the threads. I then can insert a part into a part file and orient it to where I need it. That allows me to put external threaded features anywhere I want into the part. If you desire to dissolve the link between the parts you can break the links between the original part. I can give more detail instructions if necessary.
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                                  Rich Osterreicher
                                  Hi Jeff,
                                  That's similar to what i do now..
                                  I have a "Tap" template part file.. (For internal threads)
                                  and a "Die" template part file (for External)
                                  each of those is basically as it says.. a Modeled Tap or Die..
                                  And it's all set with a design table.. ID, OD, Pitch, Angles, etc..

                                  In a part that needs thread somewhere, i have a library of Taps & Dies i made already.. I just insert them into a part and use subtract to cut the thread..
                                  Works good.. Slow, but works..
                                  When i need something i don't already have, i use the templates and make a new tap or die model..
                                  90% of mine are non-standard.. (Medical, Surgical tools)